my MBP’s wireless is teh suck, part 2


In an earlier post I was having problems with my MBP losing its wifi connection without apparent reason. On a whim I decided to downgrade from WPA2 to WPA encryption, and what do you know, the connection never dropped, even after leaving my MBP on all night long. Considering that I was using WEP+MAC filtering just a few weeks back before switching to the new router & WPA2, I’m still more secure now with WPA+MAC filtering. Not that there is anything really interesting to sniff on my network anyways. I’m hoping that when I upgrade the MBP to OS X 10.5 (Leopard), I can go back to WPA2.

Now I just need to get the Xbox 360 back on my network so that I can waste endless hours that I don’t have playing Halo 3. The Xbox was hard-wired to my Airport Express which was acting as a WDS repeater, but now that I’ve moved to WPA, I don’t think WDS works anymore. I’ve been wanted to wire up my house for Gig-E for a while so maybe this will be the tipping point!

my MBP’s wireless is teh suck


My MacBook Pro’s wireless connectivity started acting up a few days ago out of the blue, and now my wireless connection drops every few minutes for no apparent reason. Ug, WTH. My Dell laptop’s wireless connection works fine though.

I first thought that maybe one of my neighbors bought a new 2.4Ghz cordless phone, and it was wreaking havoc on my internets, but that wouldn’t explain why my Dell laptop would hold its wireless connection. My router is transmitting on a channel by itself, so it’s not likely interference from the neighbors’ access points. Everyone was either on channel 6 or 11, and I was the lone person using channel 1.

Thinking that my Linksys WRT54G wifi router has seen better days, I went out and bought a new router(a D-Link DIR-655), as I noticed that my Apple Airport Express in the living room was loosing its connection to the Linksys more often than usual as well (the AE is set up as a WDS repeater to the signal coming from my the Linksys). I admittedly just wanted some new shiny to play with. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a draft N router with gigabit Ethernet ports?

The problems didn’t seem to go away, and ends up that some googling resulted in a lot of reports of randomly dropped wi-fi connections using OS X 10.4.10. Sigh. I’m not sure why mine just started all of a sudden. I tried downgrading to the 10.4.9 airport files but that didn’t seem to help, so I’m gonna revert back to the 10.4.10 version and suck it up for a few more days before Leopard (10.5) comes out & hope for the best.

At least in my searching for an answer, I found a fix to a semi-related issue — that of the OS X airport process taking up 100% CPU — upgrading to VMWare Fusion 1.1beta fixed that.

Attack of the MacBook Pros


We had a meeting the other day in the office, and I couldn’t help but notice my co-worker’s poor ThinkPad surrounded by MacBook Pros. :)

Attack of the MacBook Pros

FTL: Logitech Control Center


My MacBook Pro kernel panics every once in a while which was mildly annoying (especially when uh I was in the middle of writing some code).

I couldn’t figure it out, but when my coworkers (2 of which have MBPs) said that they’ve never seen that happen, I began to think about what was different with my setup which might be causing the kernel panics & came to the conclusion that the Logitech Control Center control panel I have installed for my VX Revolution mouse was the likely culprit. A quick google seemed to confirm my suspicion; too bad it took me this long to figure out.

Flocking Logitech!

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