zOMG, it’s VTEC!


I always get a chuckle when I see this Integra Type-R in the parking lot of the gym I work out at. The owner’s got a good sense of humor, as VTEC is often the butt of jokes on non-Honda/Acura forums.


Speaking of VTEC, this one made me LOL.

7337er than j00


i got a laugh out of this bumper sticker on one of the cars at work
73373r than j00

update: i can’t believe there is a wikipedia entry on 7337 talk

Wake boarding @ Lake Berryessa


I went wake boarding for the first time a few weeks back at Lake Berryessa. The weather forecast wasn’t that great, so it made for a great day on the lake since it was mostly empty.

Here’s my first successful attempt at getting (and staying) up:

John and Lee getting air

Rich and Chen opting for the water taxi

Crazy wiffle pitcher


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