zOMG, it’s VTEC!


I always get a chuckle when I see this Integra Type-R in the parking lot of the gym I work out at. The owner’s got a good sense of humor, as VTEC is often the butt of jokes on non-Honda/Acura forums.


Speaking of VTEC, this one made me LOL.

CV joint, part deux


I replaced the driver’s side CV joint on my Audi yesterday, not soon after replacing the passenger-side one a couple month’s back. Having done it once, I thought I’d be a pro at it and the 2nd time around would be a breeze. So Foolish.

At least it’s done & out of the way. I forsake doing any DIY work on the car each and every time but I never learn. I must subconciously enjoy the pain. Thankfully the yoga I’ve been doing has been paying dividends since I contorted into unhumanly positions while under the car.


on tweaking


To follow-up on yesterday’s post…I wish I could say the tweaking that I’ve done to my 2001 Audi S4 was just a matter of taking up my time and nothing out of my wallet. Talk about money pit! I started modifying it with 5k miles on the odometer and the odometer is about 103k mi. now. I guess think I should breath a sigh of relief that it has survived nearly 100k miles in some state of peformance modification and only to have suffered relatively minor German gremlins from time to time, especially since most of the modifications were on the performance-enhancing side which undoubtedly put more stress on the car. :)
I replaced the passenger-side CV joint just 2 months ago and looks like the driver’s side is on its way out, as well as evidenced by the grease forming on the inside of the wheel that I noticed over the weekend while camping. At least this time I caught it early on before all the grease gets out of the boot and makes a mess of everything.

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